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Du hast 14 Möglichkeiten, von England nach Slowenien zu kommen. Die Billigste ist per Bus und kostet 79€. Die Schnellste ist per Flugzeug. Du hast 13 Möglichkeiten, von Slowenien nach England zu kommen. Die Billigste ist per Bus und kostet £ Die Schnellste ist per Flugzeug Ljubljana nach. Bilanz Slowenien - England (U21 Freundschaft , Oktober). Wembley Stadium - London 15/11/ , Qualifikationsrunde - Gruppe E. England. -. Slowenien. Rooney 59' (E) · Welbeck 66', 72'. Startformationen. Slowenien gegen England Live-Ticker (und kostenlos Übertragung Video Live-​Stream sehen im Internet) startet am um (UTC Zeitzone) in.

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Slowenien gegen England Live-Ticker (und kostenlos Übertragung Video Live-​Stream sehen im Internet) startet am um (UTC Zeitzone) in. Qualifikation[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Die Mannschaft qualifizierte sich über die In der Vorrunde der Weltmeisterschaft in Südafrika traf die slowenische Fußballnationalmannschaft in der Gruppe C auf England, Vereinigte​. Wer aus Belgien und einigen anderen EU-Ländern nach England einreist, muss ab dem Juli nicht mehr in die tägige.

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Last-Gasp Harry Kane Winner Seals Qualification for England! - England 1–0 Slovenia - Highlights Belgrad to Bar overnight train. Slowenien Slowenien. Webseite airserbia. Einige internationale Grenzen wurden in Slovenia ab dem Eurojackpot 12.1 18 24 wieder geöffnet. EN Metropol Sitting car. Liveticker mit allen Spielereignissen, Toren und Statistiken zum Spiel England - Slowenien - kicker. Direkter Vergleich. Begegnungen: 3; Siege Slowenien: 0; Siege England: 2; Unentschieden: 1; Torverhältnis: 3: 5. Letzte Spiele. Slowenien. Qualifikation[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Die Mannschaft qualifizierte sich über die In der Vorrunde der Weltmeisterschaft in Südafrika traf die slowenische Fußballnationalmannschaft in der Gruppe C auf England, Vereinigte​. Spielschema der Begegnung zwischen England und Slowenien () WM-​Qualifikation (Europa), /17, Gruppe F am Donnerstag, Oktober Wer aus Belgien und einigen anderen EU-Ländern nach England einreist, muss ab dem Juli nicht mehr in die tägige.

An increasing burden for the Slovenian economy has been its rapidly ageing population. In August , the year-on-year contraction was 0.

The decrease in domestic consumption has been attributed to the fiscal austerity , to the freeze on budget expenditure in the final months of , [] to the failure of the efforts to implement economic reforms , to inappropriate financing, and to the decrease in exports.

Due to the effects of the crisis it was expected that several banks had to be bailed out by EU funds in , however needed capital was able to be covered by the country's own funds.

Fiscal actions and legislations aiming on the reduction of spendings as well as several privatisations supported an economic recovery as from Almost two-thirds of people are employed in services, and over one-third in industry and construction.

High level of openness makes Slovenia extremely sensitive to economic conditions in its main trading partners and changes in its international price competitiveness.

Domestic electricity consumption was covered A large pumped-storage hydro power plant Kozjak on the Drava River is in the planning stage. Compared to , renewable energy sources contributed 5,6 percentage points more into whole energy consumption.

There is interest to add more production in the area of solar and wind energy sources subsidising schemes are increasing economic feasibility , but microlocation settlement procedures take enormous toll on the efficiency of this intitiatve nature preservation vs.

Slovenia offers tourists a wide variety of natural and cultural amenities. Different forms of tourism have developed.

The tourist gravitational area is considerably large, however the tourist market is small. There has been no large-scale tourism and no acute environmental pressures; [] in , National Geographic Traveller's Magazine declared Slovenia as the country with the world's most sustainable tourism.

Other mountain ranges include Kamnik—Savinja Alps , the Karawanks , and Pohorje , popular with skiers and hikers.

The Karst Plateau in the Slovene Littoral gave its name to karst , a landscape shaped by water dissolving the carbonate bedrock, forming caves. The hills around Slovenia's second-largest town, Maribor , are renowned for their wine-making.

Important parts of tourism in Slovenia include congress and gambling tourism. In , Slovenia was declared the world's first green country by the Netherlands-based organization Green Destinations.

Since Antiquity, geography has dictated transport routes in Slovenia. Significant mountain ranges, major rivers and proximity to the Danube played roles in the development of the area's transportation corridors.

This gives it a special position in the European social, economic and cultural integration and restructuring.

The existing Slovenian railways are out-of-date and can't compete with the motorway network; partially also as a result of dispersed population settlement.

The major Slovenian port is the Port of Koper. It is the largest Northern Adriatic port in terms of container transport, [] with almost , TEUs annually [] and lines to all major world ports.

Passenger transport mainly takes place with Italy and Croatia. Air transport in Slovenia is quite low, [] but has significantly grown since Slovenia is among the European countries with the most pronounced ageing of its population, ascribable to a low birth rate and increasing life expectancy.

In , the suicide rate in Slovenia was 22 per , persons per year, which places Slovenia among the highest ranked European countries in this regard.

The differences between regions and the genders are pronounced. According to this definition statistical regions are classified:. The only large town is the capital, Ljubljana.

Other medium-sized towns include Maribor, Celje, and Kranj. Odranci , the smallest, measures 6. The official language in Slovenia is Slovene , which is a member of the South Slavic language group.

Slovene is a highly diverse Slavic language in terms of dialects , [] with different degrees of mutual intelligibility. Accounts of the number of dialects range from as few as seven [] [] [] dialects, often considered dialect groups or dialect bases that are further subdivided into as many as 50 dialects.

Hungarian and Italian , spoken by the respective minorities, enjoy the status of official languages in the ethnically mixed regions along the Hungarian and Italian borders, to the extent that even the passports issued in those areas are bilingual.

In around 0. Hungarian is co-official with Slovene in 30 settlements in 5 municipalities whereof 3 are officially bilingual.

Italian is co-official with Slovene in 25 settlements in 4 municipalities all of them officially bilingual.

Romani , [] spoken in as the native language by 0. Romani-speakers mainly belong to the geographically dispersed and marginalized Roma community.

A significant number of people in Slovenia speak a variant of Serbo-Croatian Serbian , Croatian , Bosnian , or Montenegrin as their native language.

These are mostly immigrants who moved to Slovenia from other former Yugoslav republics from the s to the late s, and their descendants.

In , 0. Regarding the knowledge of foreign languages, Slovenia ranks among the top European countries. By the beginning of there were about , people with a foreign citizenship residing in the country making up 5.

Additionally The number of people immigrating into Slovenia rose steadily from [] and has been increasing even more rapidly in recent years.

After Slovenia joined the EU in , the annual number of immigrants doubled by and increased by half yet again by As to emigration, between and World War I many men left Slovenia to work in mining areas in other nations.

The United States in particular has been a common choice for emigration, with the US Census showing that there were already ", persons in the USA of Slovenian mother tongue".

These areas attracted first many single men who often boarded with Slovenian families. Then after locating work and having sufficient money, the men sent back for their wives and families to join them.

Religion in Slovenia December []. Catholicism was an important feature of both social and political life in pre-Communist Slovenia. After , the country underwent a process of gradual but steady secularization.

After a decade of persecution of religions, the Communist regime adopted a policy of relative tolerance towards churches.

After , the Catholic Church regained some of its former influence, but Slovenia remains a largely secularized society.

According to the census, In , A small number of Greek Catholics live in the White Carniola region. Newest data shows a resurgence in people identifying as Catholics, membership in the Church has returned to pre levels.

With Primoz Trubar , a theologian in the Lutheran tradition, was one of the most influential Protestant Reformers in Slovenia. Protestantism was extinguished in the Counter-Reformation implemented by the Habsburg dynasty , which controlled the region.

It only survived in the easternmost regions due to protection of Hungarian nobles, who often happened to be Calvinist themselves.

Today, a significant Lutheran minority lives in the easternmost region of Prekmurje , where they represent around a fifth of the population and are headed by a bishop with the seat in Murska Sobota.

The third largest denomination, with around 2. According to the census, Islam is the second largest religious denomination in the country, with around 2.

Most Slovenian Muslims came from Bosnia. Slovenia has long been home to a Jewish community. Despite the losses suffered during the Holocaust , Judaism still numbers a few hundred adherents, mostly living in Ljubljana, site of the sole remaining active synagogue in the country.

Slovenia's education ranks as the 12th best in the world and 4th best in the European Union , being significantly higher than the OECD average, according to the Programme for International Student Assessment.

Lifelong learning is also increasing. Responsibility for education oversight at primary and secondary level in Slovenia lies with the Ministry of Education and Sports.

After non-compulsory pre-school education, children enter the nine-year primary school at the age of six. In the academic year — there were , pupils enrolled in elementary education and more than 13, teachers, giving a ratio of one teacher per 12 pupils and 20 pupils per class.

The latter concludes with matura , the final exam that allows the graduates to enter a university. Slovenia's architectural heritage includes 2, churches, 1, castles, ruins, and manor houses, farmhouses, and special structures for drying hay, called hayracks kozolci.

The Idrija Mercury mining site is of world importance, as are the prehistoric pile dwellings in the Ljubljana Marshes. The most picturesque church for photographers is the medieval and Baroque building on Bled Island.

The castle above the lake is a museum and restaurant with a view. Near Postojna there is a fortress called Predjama Castle , half hidden in a cave.

Museums in Ljubljana and elsewhere feature unique items such as the Divje Babe Flute and the oldest wheel in the world.

Ljubljana has medieval, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and modern architecture. Slovenian cuisine is a mixture of Central European cuisine especially Austrian and Hungarian , Mediterranean cuisine and Balkan cuisine.

Historically, Slovenian cuisine was divided into town, farmhouse, cottage, castle, parsonage and monastic cuisines. Due to the variety of Slovenian cultural and natural landscapes, there are more than 40 distinct regional cuisines.

The nut roll potica has become a symbol of Slovenia, especially among the Slovene diaspora in the United States.

Soups were added to the traditional one-pot meals and various kinds of porridge and stew only in relatively recent history.

Each year since , the Festival of Roasted Potatoes has been organized by the Society for the Recognition of Roasted Potatoes as a Distinct Dish , attracting thousands of visitors.

Roasted potatoes, which have been traditionally served in most Slovenian families only on Sundays—preceded by a meat-based soup, such as beef or chicken soup—have been depicted on a special edition of post marks by the Post of Slovenia on 23 November Between in they again led State opera ballet in Munich.

A number of music, theater, film, book, and children's festivals take place in Slovenia each year, including the music festivals Ljubljana Summer Festival and Lent Festival , the stand up comedy Punch Festival , the children's Pippi Longstocking Festival , and the book festivals Slovene book fair and Frankfurt after the Frankfurt.

The most notable music festival of Slovene music was historically the Slovenska popevka festival. Between and the Novi Rock festival was notable for bringing rock music across Iron curtain from the West to the Slovenian and then Yugoslav audience.

The long tradition of jazz festivals in Titoist Yugoslavia began with the Ljubljana Jazz Festival which has been held annually in Slovenia since He also performed in television and radio drama.

Women film directors include Polona Sepe , Hanna A. Slak , and Maja Weiss. Postmodernist authors include Boris A. There are several literary magazines that publish Slovene prose, poetry, essays, and local literary criticism.

The Slovenian Philharmonics , established in as part of Academia operosorum Labacensis , is among the oldest such institutions in Europe.

Music of Slovenia historically includes numerous musicians and composers, such as the Renaissance composer Jacobus Gallus — , who greatly influenced Central European classical music, the Baroque composer Janez Krstnik Dolar ca.

During the medieval era, secular music was as popular as church music, including wandering minnesingers. By the time of Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, music was used to proselytize.

The first Slovenian hymnal, Eni Psalmi , was published in This period saw the rise of musicians like Jacobus Gallus and Jurij Slatkonja.

In , Johann Berthold von Höffer — , a nobleman and amateur composer from Ljubljana, founded the Academia Philharmonicorum Labacensis , as one of the oldest such institutions in Europe, based on Italian models.

In the early 20th century, impressionism was spreading across Slovenia, which soon produced composers Marij Kogoj and Slavko Osterc.

Kumar's Sonata z igro 12 A sonata with a play 12 , a set of variations on a rising chromatic scale , is particularly notable. Harmony singing is a deep rooted tradition in Slovenia, and is at least three-part singing four voices , while in some regions even up to eight-part singing nine voices.

Slovenian folk songs, thus, usually resounds soft and harmonious, and are very seldom in minor. Traditional Slovenian folk music is performed on Styrian harmonica the oldest type of accordion , fiddle, clarinet, zithers , flute, and by brass bands of alpine type.

In eastern Slovenia , fiddle and cimbalon bands are called velike goslarije. From on, the Slavko Avsenik 's band began to appear in broadcasts, movies, and concerts all over the West Germany , inventing the original " Oberkrainer " country sound that has become the primary vehicle of ethnic musical expression not only in Slovenia, but also in Germany, Austria , Switzerland , and in the Benelux , spawning hundreds of Alpine orchestras in the process.

The band produced nearly original compositions, an integral part of the Slovenian-style polka legacy. Many musicians followed Avsenik's steps, including Lojze Slak.

A similarly high standing in Slovene culture, like the Sanremo Music Festival has had in Italian culture, was attributed to the Slovenska popevka , a specific genre of popular Slovene music.

Among pop, rock, industrial, and indie musicians the most popular in Slovenia include Laibach , an early s industrial music group as well as Siddharta , an alternative rock band formed in With more than 15 million views for the official a cappella " Africa " performance video since its publishing on YouTube in May until September [] that earned them kudos from the song's co-writer, David Paich , [] Perpetuum Jazzile is the group from Slovenia that is internationally most listened online.

Slovenian metal bands include Noctiferia death metal , Negligence thrash metal , Naio Ssaion gothic metal , and Within Destruction deathcore. In the 21st century , there have been many successful artsists from Slovenia.

In addition to the main houses, which include Slovene National Theatre, Ljubljana and Maribor National Drama Theatre , a number of small producers are active in Slovenia, including physical theatre e.

Betontanc , street theatre e. IGLU Theatre. A popular form is puppetry , mainly performed in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Theater has a rich tradition in Slovenia, starting with the first ever Slovene-language drama performance.

Slovenia's visual arts, architecture, and design are shaped by a number of architects, designers, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphics artists, as well as comics, illustration and conceptual artists.

The most prestigious institutions exhibiting works of Slovene visual artists are the National Gallery of Slovenia and the Museum of Modern Art.

Nowadays, the Slovene visual arts are diverse, based on tradition, reflect the influence of neighboring nations and are intertwined with modern European movements.

Internationally most notable Slovenian design items include the Rex chair, a Scandinavian design -inspired wooden chair, by interior designer Niko Kralj that was given in a permanent place in Designmuseum , Denmark , the largest museum of design in Scandinavia, and is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art MOMA in New York City, as well.

An industrial design item that has changed the international ski industry is Elan SCX by Elan company. The renewal of Slovene sculpture begun with Alojz Gangl — who created sculptures for the public monuments of the Carniolan polymath Johann Weikhard von Valvasor and Valentin Vodnik , the first Slovene poet and journalist, as well as The Genius of the Theatre and other statues for the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre building.

The first art exhibition in Slovenia was organized in the late 19th century by Ivana Kobilica , a woman-painter who worked in realistic tradition.

Espressionist painters include Veno Pilon and Tone Kralj whose picture book, reprinted thirteen times, is now the most recognisable image of the folk hero Martin Krpan.

Slovenia is a natural sports venue, with many Slovenians actively practicing sports. Association football gained popularity in the interwar period.

After , basketball, handball and volleyball have become popular among Slovenians, and from the mids onward, winter sports have, as well.

Since , Slovenian sportspeople have won 40 Olympic medals , including seven gold medals, and 22 Paralympic medals with four golds. Individual sports are also very popular in Slovenia, including tennis and mountaineering , which are two of the most widespread sporting activities in Slovenia.

Prominent team sports in Slovenia include football, basketball, handball, volleyball, and ice hockey. The men's national football team has qualified for one European Championship and two World Cups and The men's national basketball team has participated at 13 EuroBaskets , winning the gold medal in the edition, and at three FIBA World Championships.

Slovenia also hosted the EuroBasket The men's national handball team has qualified for three Olympics, eight IHF World Championships , including their third-place finish in the edition, and twelve European Championships.

Slovenia was the hosts of the European Championship , where the national team won the silver medal.

The national volleyball team has won the silver medal in the and editions of the European Volleyball Championship.

The national ice hockey team has played at 27 Ice Hockey World Championships with 9 appearances in top division , and has participated in the and Winter Olympic Games.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Country in central Europe. Website www. Main article: History of Slovenia. Nazi Germany. Fascist Italy.

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Main article: List of cities and towns in Slovenia. Largest cities or towns in Slovenia Statistical Office : Largest settlements by population 1 January Main articles: Languages of Slovenia and Slovene language.

Ethnic composition of Slovenia according to the census [1] Slovene. Main article: Religion in Slovenia. Eastern Orthodox 3.

Protestant 0. Other Christian 0. Atheist Muslim 3. Other religion 0. Main article: Education in Slovenia. Main article: Culture of Slovenia.

Main articles: Slovenian cuisine and Slovenian wine. Further information: List of Slovene writers and poets in Hungary and List of Slovenian women writers.

Main article: Music of Slovenia. Main article: Sport in Slovenia. Slovenia portal. Population by ethnic affiliation, Slovenia, Census , , , , and ".

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For centuries, the territory of Slovenia has been crossed by traditional transportation routes connecting northern Europe with southern, eastern, and western Europe.

Slovenia's location in the northwestern part of the Mediterranean's most inland bay on the Adriatic Sea where the Alps, the plateaus of the Dinaric Alps, and the western margins of the Pannonian Basin meet gives [it] a relatively quite advantageous traffic and geographical position distinguished by its transitional character and the links between these geographical regions.

In the wider macroregional sense, this transitional character and these links have not changed since prehistoric times. Archived from the original PDF on 8 March For millennia, Slovenia has been at the crossroads of trade and cultural routes leading from north to south, from east to west.

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Slovenia will then share in the negotiations, and in the decisions, as an equal partner. Context sentences Context sentences for "Slowenien" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

German Das Abkommen gleicht dem Wesen nach sehr dem mit Slowenien. German In wenigen Tagen finden Parlamentswahlen in Slowenien statt.

German Wir waren vor kurzem in Slowenien und konnten in einem Museum sehen, welche Wirkung diese Minenart hat. German Die Einführung des Euro durch Slowenien macht deutlich, dass die europäische Integration nach wie vor dynamisch verläuft.

German Dennoch fehlt es auch in Slowenien nicht an Stimmen, die Kultur für überflüssig und unnötig halten, da sie direkt kein Geld einbringt.

German Es wäre gut gewesen, wenn schnellere Kandidaten, wie Estland und Slowenien ihren Beitrag hier schon deutlich früher hätten einbringen können.

Slovenien tabte deres seneste venskabskamp med til Qatar. Ikke medlem? Opret gratis bruger. Champions League. Slovenien har vundet deres begge hidtidige hjemmekampe med sammenlagt over netop Schweiz og miniputnationen San Marino - Det engelske landshold har ikke tabt en eneste gang siden den skuffende VM-slutrunde i Brasilien.

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Brentford - Fulham: Odds og optakt d. Benjamin Leander: Gratis spiltips til d. AC Milan - Cagliari: Odds og optakt d.

Juventus - Roma: Odds og optakt d.

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Reise von Reise von. London Liverpool Street. Wo fährt der Zug von Slowenien nach England ab? Nach Englands kurzer Drangphase ist Beste Spielothek in Ehlenbruch finden Ruhe eingekehrt in London. Webseite croatiaairlines. Es gibt mehr als Unterkunftsmöglichkeiten in Slowenien. Gibt es eine direkte Busverbindung zwischen England und Slowenien? Spielerwechsel Slowenien Repas für Bezjak Slowenien. Reise von Reise von. Reisen von Slowenien. EN Metropol Sitting car. Nach einer Standardsituation lässt Oblak einen Kopfballaufsetzer ins Tor passieren - denn der Referee hatte das Spiel nach einem Foul der Engländer unterbrochen. Sofort Cash reise ich ohne Auto Stefan Kretzschmar Tochter England nach Slowenien? Reisen aus United Kingdom in das Ausland könnten lokale Reisebeschränkungen verletzten. Dauer 2Std. Kane versucht es aus der Distanz, Oblak hält sicher. Transportmittel finden. Transportmittel finden. London Underground ticket machine. Slowenien ist zeitlich 1Std. Deutschland 1. Spielerwechsel Slowenien Birsa Beste Spielothek in Nordhalben finden Sporar Slowenien. Gelbe Karte Slowenien Birsa. Asien und Australien. The Eurostar through France. Telefon Webseite tfl. The front lounge of an ICE 3 2nd class. Webseite easyjet. It only survived in the easternmost regions due to protection of Hungarian nobles, who often happened to be Calvinist themselves. Pine trees grow on the Karst Plateaualthough only one-third of the region is covered by pine forest. Retrieved 29 January Bonus fra bookmakerne til dig. Slovenian Press Agency. Beste Spielothek in Tillfussalm finden information. Retrieved 7 February

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