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ist ab dem 9. November überall im deutschsprachigen Handel erhältlich. Das PC-Adventure vereint alle fünf bisher nur als Download erhältlichen Episoden von Telltale in einem Komplettpaket inkl. digitalem Bonusmaterial. Daedalic Entertainment veröffentlicht am Oktober alle fünf bisher nur als Download erhältlichen Episoden von Tales of Monkey Island. Trotz der Angabe "deutsche & englische Sprachfassung" habe ich keine Einstellmöglichkeit auf die englische gefunden, war komplett in Deutsch und sogar viele. Tales of Monkey Island ist der fünfte Titel der Computerspielserie Monkey Island. Anders als DVD-ROM (Win, Mac). Sprache, Englisch, Deutsch. Altersfreigabe. Tales of Monkey Island: Season 1 im Test - Guybrush spricht deutsch! Bislang gab es die fünf neuen Episoden um dem berühmtesten Piraten.

Tales Of Monkey Island Deutsch

Lade die neueste Version von Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1 für Windows herunter.. Die Abenteuer von Guybrush beginnen hier. Guybrush Threepwood. Tales of Monkey Island ist der fünfte Titel der Computerspielserie Monkey Island. Anders als DVD-ROM (Win, Mac). Sprache, Englisch, Deutsch. Altersfreigabe. ist ab dem 9. November überall im deutschsprachigen Handel erhältlich. Das PC-Adventure vereint alle fünf bisher nur als Download erhältlichen Episoden von Telltale in einem Komplettpaket inkl. digitalem Bonusmaterial. Die Story greift folglich bei den fünf Episoden ineinander über, was es natürlich praktisch macht, alle im Paket zu bekommen. Mehr Kommentare. Die Steuerung ist etwas umständlich und manchmal auch ungenau. Guybrush eilt seiner Angebeteten zur Hilfe und segelt ihr nach. Arr, Beste Spielothek in Trautskirchen finden bleibt kein Auge trocken An dieser Stelle sollte das Bonusmaterial nicht 10 Euro Paysafecard Code Kostenlos werden. EUR 21,73 Versand. Dort MittagГџchlaf Englisch er per Fernrohr, dass LeChuck ihr Avancen macht. Ich habe ein Konto Kostenlos registrieren.

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Dein Kommentar wurde als Spam identifiziert. Verkaufte Artikel. Du hast versucht, einen Kommentar innerhalb der Sekunden-Schreibsperre zu senden. Im Gegenteil: Die deutsche Umsetzung ist sehr gut gelungen. Tales of Monkey Island. Um ihren Forderungen Nachdruck zu verleihen, belagern die Piraten die Inseln. Sehr gut.

Distracted by their duel, neither can react in time when the Screaming Narwhal is swallowed whole by a giant manatee. Inside the manatee, Guybrush and LeFlay discover the crazed DeCava and his crew; Guybrush heals the manatee's injuries, and escapes with DeCava to the location of La Esponja Grande which turns out to be much smaller than advertised.

As Morgan reluctantly delivers Guybrush to de Singe, Guybrush is seized by the townspeople and put on trial for multiple crimes - chief among them having released the pox across the Gulf of Melange.

LeChuck exonerates Guybrush by implicating himself in the creation of the pox, and produces evidence that all previous confrontations between Guybrush and LeChuck had been orchestrated by the Voodoo Lady; the two are imprisoned, and Guybrush is released.

At the wind machine, de Singe traps Guybrush and Elaine, and believes that his experiments with Guybrush's hand are on the verge of granting him immortality.

However, de Singe falls into the wind machine and is disintegrated; Guybrush then uses La Esponja Grande to absorb the pox. LeChuck arrives to free the two, but as Guybrush thanks him, LeChuck impales him on the Cutlass of Kaflu, and uses La Esponja Grande to transfer the pox's potency to himself.

Now deceased, Guybrush finds his spiritual self at the Crossroads : the place where the living and dead realms meet. With the assistance of Morgan's spirit, he finds a spell that embodies courage, anchor, direction and sacrifice, and returns to the land of the living as a ghost.

However, LeChuck absorbs the massive amount of energy generated by a dimensional rift Guybrush opens; the pox was engineered by LeChuck to achieve this goal.

Elaine, in an apparent act of betrayal, becomes LeChuck's demon bride. LeChuck attacks Guybrush, who lures the demon pirate into the rift.

There, LeChuck is simultaneously stabbed by Elaine and Morgan, which destroys his physical and spiritual forms. Stranded alone at the crossroads, Guybrush realizes that he has one more item that meets the spell's criteria for his return: Elaine's wedding ring.

He uses it to restore himself to life and return to his wife. The spirit of Morgan delivers a jar containing the essence of LeChuck to the Voodoo Lady, in exchange for her return to the land of the living.

Developed by Telltale Games , under license from LucasArts , [42] Tales of Monkey Island marked a first collaboration between the two companies.

Following that event, LucasArts appeared to have abandoned the adventure game genre. This included the then-new president of LucasArts, Darrell Rodriguez, who helped push for adventure game development within his company.

Following hints by Telltale Games that they would soon announce a major new series, [48] Tales of Monkey Island was unveiled at the June Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Its roughly 50 person development team was headed by Dave Grossman, [49] who co-designed the first two Monkey Island games.

While Gilbert and Grossman were engaged in the development of Tales of Monkey Island , the third co-designer of the original two games, Tim Schafer , was not associated with the project.

Having not been satisfied with Elaine's appearance on the cover of The Secret of Monkey Island , Purcell was keen to have another attempt to portray the character in his artwork.

The final artwork, showing Guybrush and Elaine brandishing cutlasses on a ship emerging from fog, was favored as Purcell felt it was appropriately eerie.

Grossman said that the game's simultaneous release on Windows and WiiWare was due to Telltale's business model; the company alternates its game releases between WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade , as they want to "give the Wii a little love as well".

As a bonus, players were offered the chance to download the first episode for free until July 22, Telltale Games had gone into bankruptcy proceedings and closed down in , and as a result, several of its games including Tales were pulled from digital storefronts, believed to be due to assets from Telltale being sold off to recover debt.

As with Telltale's other products, Tales of Monkey Island was developed and released in five episodic segments; Grossman explained that Telltale prefers to tell stories this way, rather than as continuous narratives that are too long for people to play comfortably.

Its story would have followed Guybrush's actions in the time between Escape from Monkey Island and Tales of Monkey Island ; the beginning of Tales of Monkey Island would have marked its conclusion.

Stemmle likened the game's episodic development to a relay race, and the development of a full game, such as Escape from Monkey Island , to a "marathon".

While four of these were created, size constraints resulted in only two being included in the final game.

By the game's third episode, Telltale became unsatisfied with this system, and began diversifying facial features, and providing supporting characters with unique silhouettes and animations.

During development, the necessity of this position was highlighted by a ship battle scene in "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal ", which was initially static and unexciting.

This was remedied by changing the time of day from dusk to night, adding rain and other weather effects, and using camera movement to simulate rough waters.

Regarding the puzzle design in Tales of Monkey Island , Stemmle said that he and his fellow designers—when they were younger—believed that they needed to "stump the player"; however, Stemmle now considers it "a lot better to make the players feel smart".

Therefore, the designers included a hint system to prevent players from becoming stuck. As the direct control in that game had been designed for an Xbox controller, the developers reworked the idea into a "click-and-drag" mouse system for Tales of Monkey Island.

Telltale believed that this control method made for a less passive and more engaging player experience, and provided more freedom for cinematic camera work than was possible with point-and-click.

Aside from providing the Monkey Island license to Telltale, LucasArts' role in the game's development involved collaboration and approval of the game's script, character concept art and puzzle design.

As the remake of The Secret of Monkey Island had begun development before Tales of Monkey Island , LucasArts shared their art style guide with Telltale, so that the two products' art direction would be similar.

LucasArts largely based their vision for Guybrush's new visuals in Tales of Monkey Island on how the character appeared in The Curse of Monkey Island , integrating various aspects from LeChuck's Revenge that commonly resonated through fan art, such as the character's blue coat and beard, in addition to using their own stylized art direction.

In each episode's production, music was among the last elements to be finalized, as it could not be finished until all cutscenes were properly timed.

Dominic Armato , the voice actor of Guybrush from The Curse of Monkey Island onward, reprises his role as that character.

LucasArts encouraged Telltale to retain as much of the original cast as possible—particularly Armato, who was described by LucasArts' David Collins as "the ultimate Monkey Island fanboy".

Armato voiced the character in both Tales of Monkey Island and the special edition of The Secret of Monkey Island ; in the former game, he attempted to make Guybrush sound more mature and experienced than his younger incarnation in the latter.

Boen returned to voice the demon LeChuck at the end of the fourth episode, and stayed on for the game's fifth and final chapter.

The series' artwork was produced by Martin Koehler. Presented as a cartoon version of Tales of Monkey Island , the shorts speculated on the game's story and content, and depicted hypothetical events for the upcoming chapters.

The first episode debuted on July 5, , two days before the release of "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal ". A week after the release of the first episode, Telltale held a contest called "Game Designer for a Day", which gave fans the opportunity to submit and vote for a line of dialog to be used as an accusation against Guybrush.

Telltale produced Tales of Monkey Island merchandise, which they sold from their online store. These included a poster print of Steve Purcell's cover artwork for the game, [85] and a set of promotional badges; the latter had previously been available at conventions, such as E3.

Customers who had already purchased all five episodes were instead eligible for a free episode from one of Telltale's other series. Tales of Monkey Island was a commercial success, and it exceeded Telltale's sales projections.

While no figures for the game have been released, [89] the game was the company's most successful project, [90] until it was outstripped by Back to the Future: The Game , which was released a year and a half later.

This was attributed to the strong narrative between episodes, in contrast to Telltale's previous work. Critics believed that the first chapter, "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal ", was a respectable start to the game.

Response to "The Siege of Spinner Cay" was similar to that of the preceding episode. Critics were divided over the quality of the chapter's puzzles: Destructoid reviewer Brad Nicholson criticized their design as "tight and constricted", [] and Dickens felt that they varied wildly in quality.

Critics considered "Lair of the Leviathan" to be stronger than the previous chapters; on the review aggregator sites GameRankings and Metacritic , its Windows version holds the highest rating out of all Tales of Monkey Island episodes.

Reviewers were more ambivalent toward the fourth episode, "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood".

Reception of its puzzles was mixed; Ghiggino described many as "frustrating for the wrong reasons", [] and Dickens, while praising several as "challenging and creative", believed that there were "definite misfires".

The final episode, "Rise of the Pirate God", was thought by critics to be a fitting end to the series.

Tales of Monkey Island received awards and award nominations from video game industry publications. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun. G Wie Gorilla. Pro-G Media Ltd. On Steam, the game is only available as a package which includes all five episodes that were originally sold separately.

The game is not expected to return to sale on PlayStation 3. Our original delisting details follow. It remained available on PlayStation 3 for a time, possibly being delisted by the end of On Wii, if it had not been removed in late November it became unattainable when the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel was shut down on January 30th, The game was removed amid the financial troubles and rapid closure of Telltale Games in the Fall of Download codes and physical copies of the PC version remain available as of this writing but compatibility with newer hardware makes this title very nearly Extinct.

Little does Guybrush know, his quest is part of a larger, more sinister plot, and good and evil are not always as they seem….

Tales Of Monkey Island Deutsch Video

PC Longplay [015] Sam \u0026 Max Save The World (part 1 of 6) Tales Of Monkey Island Deutsch Murray is very bloodthirsty. Talk to Anemone and have him fix the mast with the rubber tree. They have formed a blockade. VAT included in all prices where applicable. Support Game technical issues. Still no update? The first Bitcoin Lotterie debuted on July 5,two days before the release of "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal ". LeChuck arrives to free the two, but as Guybrush thanks Beste Spielothek in Uffhausen finden, LeChuck impales him on the Cutlass of Kaflu, and uses La Esponja Grande to transfer the pox's potency to himself. Tales of Monkey Island ist ein 3D-Point-and-Click-Abenteuer und setzt die Geschehnisse der beliebten Spielreihe um Guybrush Threepwood fort. Lade die neueste Version von Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1 für Windows herunter.. Die Abenteuer von Guybrush beginnen hier. Guybrush Threepwood. Tales of Monkey Island (deutsch) - Review. Voodoo-Malzbier hat es in sich. Alles beginnt damit, dass LeChuck mal wieder Elaine in seinen. Das Episoden-Adventure Tales of Monkey Island feiert sein Comeback bei Steam und uitvaartverzekeringsadviescentrum.nl ⚡ Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack - Deutsch - PC & MAC - STEAM Key Code ⚡. EUR 9, Beste Ergebnisse. Kommentar Bitte gib Deinen Kommentar ein. Ihr Mastercard Und Maestro Das Gleiche demnach sämtliche Episoden für weniger als zehn Euro. Preisvorschlag senden. Älteste zuerst. Rücknahme akzeptiert. EUR 9,99 Versand. Hier wird oft und teilweise auch Euromillion Fdj brutal gestorben. Um ihren Forderungen Nachdruck zu verleihen, belagern die Piraten die Inseln. Tales of Monkey Island: Season 1.

Tales Of Monkey Island Deutsch Video

PC Longplay [129] Toonstruck (Part 1 of 2)

Get oyster. In inventory combine oyster and hook to get pearl. Give the fish eggs coupon to Anemone. Get fish eggs. Go back to Spoon Isle and then to LeChuck.

Give him the pearl. Coach LeChuck:. LeChuck wants to find out how to solve the puzzle. Tell LeChuck: use Now, use the ancient tool with the other clamshell lock.

See the altar by the cliff edge open. Try to take the turtle. Take the prying tool left of the turtle. Use the prying tool on the turtle.

Swallow your pride and give the prying tool to LeChuck. LeChuck pries the turtle off. One of McGillicutty's poxed men sees LeChuck with the artifact.

Watch Guybrush end up at the bottom of the cliff with the turtle stand. Look at the turtle stand and see the turtle shape. Pick up the prying tool.

Go right and meet LeChuck running to help. He gives the turtle artifact. Cranky fish artifact:. Look around inside De Cava's shack.

Check the books, submarine scribbles on the floor, Voodoo lady picture, cot and hanging cans. Check the chart on the wall - the path of the mouth.

Check the manatee on the wall twice. Nothing happens. Place the locket on the hole. Click on the manatee again and it opens the mouth.

Get a blank paper. In inventory, examine mode the blank paper. Combine the Eye of the Manatee magnifying lens and the fish eye taken from the statue below the Royal Chambers to get Fish Eye of the Manatee.

Ask Tetra for a book and then for Fish Jokes. The offended Tetra gives the book. Examine mode the book to get a worm bait coupon.

Give the special worm coupon to Anemone. Get glowy bait. Go back to Spoon Isle. Go east right to the fishing well. In inventory combine the hook and the glowy bait.

After some masterful fishing get the fish artifact. Go back to jungle entrance and ride the raft to Spinner Cay. Captain McGillicutty's blockade:.

Spinner Cay is bombarded with cannon fire by McGillicutty's ships. They have formed a blockade. Van Winslow leaves in the Screaming Narwhal to evade the blockade.

Go to Elaine in front of the library and take the fallen statue off Sea Bunny. Elaine's plan is for Guybrush and Elaine's ship to surround the blockade.

Guybrush is to fire the cannon at Spoon Isle as a distraction. LeChuck is to confront McGillicutty and sink his ship. Guybrush wants to be the one to do so.

Go to the Royal Chamber and click on the hot tub control in front of the royal throne. No one saw it. Go east right and north top. See LeChuck fighting with poxed sailors.

They want the turtle artifact thinking that LeChuck still has it. Go left and see the Vacaylian BBQ. Place the bucket o'coals in the opening.

Place the hot tub control on the insert at center of the BBQ. Turn the hot tub control to make a hot BBQ.

Place the pyrite parrot on the bowl on top. Guybrush picks up the bowl of melted pyrite. Go west left , north top and west left.

Be at cliff edge. Use the bowl of melted pyrite on cliff's edge. Guybrush pours it down to the fallen turtle altar. If the pyrite solidifies, go back to the BBQ and melt it again.

Go south down , south down , south down and west left to the altar. Take the pyrite turtle artifact from the broken merfolk display. Go back to LeChuck.

Go east right , north top , north top , east right and east right. Use the pyrite turtle artifact with LeChuck. The poxed pirates beat LeChuck and ran off with the fake artifact.

Guybrush talks to LeChuck about Elaine's plan. Choose any response. Guybrush will say what he wants anyways. Go to the raft and see LeChuck man the cannon.

Confront McGillicutty:. Guybrush goes in between the ships manned by Meerkel and Killick. The pirates are distracted by Elaine.

Sail in between the 2 ships to the Screaming Narwhal. Click on McGillicutty's ship at top of the map. See McGillicutty threatens the Merqueen-king.

McGillicutty has the fake artifact. Talk to McGillicutty. Insult McGillicutty. He breaks the mast with a cannon shot.

See the 2 pirates, Meerkel and Killick look for where they buried the artifact. Remember the rubber palm tree.

Talk to the 2 pirates and tell them to try the tree. The pirates loosen the tree. After the dialogue, push the rubber palm tree.

Go to the boat and set sail to the Jerkbait Island. Talk to Anemone and have him fix the mast with the rubber tree. Go back to the ship.

Take care of McGillicutty:. Sail to McGillicuty's ship at top of the map. Talk to McGillicutty again. Insult him again and he shoots the rubber mast.

The cannonball bounces back to his ship and sinks it. Point to Jerkbait Island in the map. La Esponja Grande:. Elaine is coughing with the pox.

The chief combines the 3 artifact into one ball - summoning artifact. Beluga recites the summoning words and tells Guybrush that he should be the one to summon the legendary creatures.

Use the summoning artifact on the ocean. Elaine and LeChuck arrive. Elaine will stay with LeChuck to help return the monkeys. The Screaming Narwhal follows where the legendary creatures lead.

Talk to her. While talking, the creatures one at a time are diving down to the depths of the ocean. Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan.

Walkthrough by MaGtRo. September The Screaming Narwhal is swallowed by a manatee. Morgan is knocked out cold by a barrel and is lying outside the ship.

Coronado DeCava :. In inventory are hook , Elaine's ring, locket and fisheye of the manatee. Walk to the right and see a hut.

Talk completely to Coronado DeCava. DeCava presses the arrow at center of locket that points to his picture. The magic of the locket causes the Voodoo lady to enter DeCava's body.

Select any dialogue and Guybrush will do as he pleases. DeCava goes on a jealous rampage. I kill you. Get my wife:. Go back to Winslow and Morgan.

Talk to Winslow. Follow Winslow's instructions:. Click on Morgan's wrist to check her pulse. She murmurs - this is for Jugbender. Pick up Morgan's sword to disarm her.

Dante Dragotta is etched on her sword. Morgan mumbles Gomez, not on the carpet. Click on Morgan's feet to help her circulation.

An Assassin ledger falls out. See a To-Do list with subject and payment:. Gustavo free personal. New ship Lunch Funeral payment to Noonie Guybrush Threepwood.

Winslow advises a smelling salt. Guybrush climbs the mast and enters the inner ear of the manatee. Check the green cochlea.

It is important to the manatee's sense of direction. Check the wound on the right. Ah, the wound is where the missing cochlea was.

Take stinky earwax from the wall of the Eustachian passage. Climb down the main mast. Go back to Winslow and Morgan using the gangplank at right.

The pyrite parrot is gone. Use the stinky earwax on Morgan. Winslow's pox attack convinces Morgan to act as Guybrush's wife.

Morgan asks Guybrush to autograph her Guybrush picture. Convince Coronado:. Coronado questions them to see if Morgan is really Guybrush's wife.

They met at work and they had their first date sailing. Coronado is 'almost' convinced. He traps the couple to question them farther.

Coronado states that he has questioned Morgan about Guybrush and she answered the questions correctly. Now it is Guybrush's turn to answer about Morgan.

Who trained her in the ways of combat? Remember Morgan's sword. Choose an answer. Select Dante Dragotta.

What is the name of her first love? Remember Morgan's tattoo. Select Gustavo. Who is her greatest Idol? Select Guybrush.

The name of Morgan's first ship; The Knave of? Remember Morgan's list. Select Toro. What is the name of her favorite pet? Remember Morgan's second mumble.

Select Gomez. Death of an Uncle Remember Morgan's first mumble? Select Jugbender. Morgan and Guybrush join as crew.

Ask Coronado all the questions. Learn about the sacred manatee mating ground, the lost of his trained crew and the internal compass of the manatee.

Coronado is making a new cochlea from skins of throat grubs. He wants Guybrush to collect the grubs. The lost crew and the brotherhood:.

Meet the crew. Talk to Johnny Depp look-alike - Bugeye. Learn about their paradise and the brotherhood. They know something about the missing cochlea.

Learn about ichor: the orange one that he drinks and the yellow ichor in the pool. Learn about Jumbo jimbo, the straw-funnel Moose uses to drink ichor.

Learn that the missing cochlea is a secret for brothers only. To join the brotherhood, talk to Bugeye. Check Santino, the skeleton.

Talk to Noogie completely. Click on the bongos and learn that the bongos are full of manatee's bile. Take the grub walking on the floor.

Admittance to the brotherhood is by unanimous votes of the other members. Ask Bugeye for his vote. Guybrush will get it if he wins the pirate face off.

Morgan and Moose runs to watch the pirate face off. Bugeye makes a face. Guybrush has to select eyebrow, eye and mouth expression to out-face Bugeye.

Right now there are no choices except the one Bugeye used: Stinky, lazyeye and meanie random. Select Bugeye's expressions.

Guybrush lost due to no originality. Morgan throws Guybrush's autographed picture in disgust. Pick up Guybrush's autographed picture from the floor close to Noogie.

Search for eye expression:. Go left and see a pile of treasure, chest and a painting on one side and a pirate ship named The Howler Monkey on the other side.

There's a festive skull at the corner of the bridge. Go to the far left and face the figurehead of the Howling Monkey shipwreck.

Guybrush likes the eye expression of the figurehead. Click on weird bump and see Guybrush enter in and goes out beside Noogie.

Enter weird bump beside Noogie and come back to the 3 protuberances. Enter the strange growth and come out by the bar. DeCava asks for a drink but none of that yellow muck-bile.

Talk to DeCava. Give DeCava the grub and learn how many grubs are needed to make a cochlea. Guybrush takes the empty mug. Check on Winslow via the portholes at side of the ship or quarter's door up the deck.

Bugeye warns Guybrush about helping DeCava in getting to the mating ground. Once in a while watch Morgan's expressions-actions. Remember that Moose says that the yellow bile is potent.

Go to the yellow bile pool left of the figurehead of the shipwreck. Use the strange growth beside Morgan. Use the empty mug on the yellow pool of bile and Guybrush says it is too low to get a sample.

Use the weird bump protuberance to exit close to Noogie. Ask Noogie to play something more up-tempo. The pool of bile rises.

Use the weird bump right of Noogie. Use the empty mug on the yellow pool of bile to get mug o'bile. Go back up to DeCava.

Stand in front of DeCava. Wait until he removes his monocular and lays it on the table. Pick up the monocular. In inventory, combine the monocular and the fish eye of the manatee to get fish eye monocular.

Give the fish eye monocular to DeCava. Now, give the mug o'bile to DeCava. See a good eye expression. Check the painting at left end of the treasure pile.

See that the painting of Fisheye Alabaster is covered with grime. Raise the level of the pool of bile again by asking Noogie to play something more up-tempo.

Use the mug o'bile on the grime covered painting of Fisheye. Check out those peepers. Search for mouth expressions:. Go around to the different pirates and say ARRR.

Get a mouse expression. Get Bugeye's vote:. Go to Bugeye. Challenge Bugeye to the pirate face off contest. Pirate face-off:.

To help you remember, write down the expressions made by Bugeye. Select any expression not made by Bugeye.

Win the first round. For the second round, again write down the expressions made by Bugeye. Select any expression not made by Bugeye and not previously used by Guybrush.

For the third round, Bugeye made the rarely seen bugeye expression. After the discussion, Guybrush got pox-sick and made the winning voodoo curse-pox expression.

Get Noogie's vote:. Talk to Noogie about vote into Brotherhood and date with Morgan. If the date works out, Noogie will vote for Guybrush. Noogie gives a New Member Manual.

Morgan recon mission:. Go to Morgan and talk to her. Talk to her again and say it is a recon mission - not a date.

The three phase operation:. Slyly interrogate him. Test his grip, in case it comes to fisticuff. Check for weapons. Talk to Noogie.

It turned out great. Guybrush misses Elaine. Watch a scene with Elaine and LeChuck. Get Moose's vote:. Go to Moose at the bar.

Talk to him about the vote into the Brotherhood. He says he follows whatever Santino goes for. Use the hook in inventory on the locked chest.

See Marquis De Singe doing science on Guybrush's hand. Open the chest and take Murray. Use Murray on the Festive skull seen across the treasure pile and by the corner of the bridge to the other side.

Talk to Moose and propose a toast. While Moose is drinking from the jumbo jimbo funnel, use the sword on Santino's skull.

Talk to Moose again about another toast. While Moose is drinking from the jumbo jimbo funnel, replace the skull with Murray.

Now we can talk to Santino. Talk to Santino-Murray. Murray is very bloodthirsty. Enter the odd protuberance.

It's clogged. Use the mug o'bile on the clogged protuberance. Now that it's cleared, jump in the odd protuberance. Guybrush takes the Torture made easy manual.

In inventory, use the examine mode on the Torture Manual. In inventory, examine the New Member Manual. See that the cover is loose. Go back to Murray-Santino.

Show Murray the Torture Manual with Member's cover. The initiation ritual is to quarter the incoming member. Looking forward to Guybrush's initiation and being bloodthirsty, Santino-Murray promises his vote.

Join the Brotherhood:. Now that you have the promises of the 3 pirates, talk to Bugeye. Ask him to call for a vote to join up. Noogie, Santino and Bugeye vote yes.

Being the junior member, the main responsibility is to protect the cochlea. Noogie gives Guybrush the cochlea. Cure the manatee:.

Climb up the ramp to the mouth. One cochlea procured! A threat was received. Guybrush eats the sea biscuit and takes the seahorse head Winslow Godfather found on his bed from the bottom of the gangplank.

Use the cochlea on the wound at right wall. Guybrush asks Morgan for help. Talk to Morgan until sword privileges are restored.

Guybrush talks to the womanhandled crew. DeCava gives the way out of the manatee - Manatee Lax. Manatee's Sacred Mating Ground:. The Screaming Narwhal and the Howler Monkey surface from the inside the manatee.

DeCava says that Santino is their diver. Upon learning that Guybrush can hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes, he pushes him to the ocean floor.

It is the manatee that carried them here. Look around. Open the treasure chest. Get crown , doubloons and a golden wrench. Check the Warning sign and La Esponja Grande sign.

Go right to the cave. Uh oh! The crew was trained to understand manatee sounds but only Santino learned. Talk to DeCava completely. Learn that a scientist at Flotsam Island taught Santino how to understand manatee but DeCava will not sail back to the island.

Also learn about the tongue of the manatee that can make manatee sounds. Understand Manatee:. Look close at the locket on top of the barrel.

Click on the arrow pointing to DeCava's picture seen at the center of the locket. The Voodoo lady takes over DeCava's body. Use the golden wrench on the arrow at center of locket so that it points to the Voodoo lady.

Press the arrow button. DeCava says that he was in the Voodoo lady's hut. Use Guybrush's picture over DeCava's picture.

Press the arrow at center. Guybrush enters the body of the Voodoo lady. The inventory has the chicken foot back scratcher, severed finger and cocktail napkin.

Check the Voodoo mat on the table. There are 3 cards: the fracture card with the picture of Marquis De Singe, the curse card with the picture of the Voodoo Lady and the journey picture with the picture of Guybrush.

There are 3 frames on the mat: the actor, the action and the target. Place the fracture card on the actor frame.

Place the journey card on the action frame. Place the curse card on the target frame. Press the Voodoo bell Hex me now at top left. Marquis De Singe arrives.

Talk to Marquis De Singe. He has a book about talking to the manatee. Hex him. Place the journey card on the actor frame. Place the curse card on the action frame.

Place the fracture card on the target frame. De Singe gets kicked. He brings the book to the Voodoo Lady. Guybrush learns Manatee.

Place the fracture card on the action frame. Guybrush is back at the ship. Learn to make manatee sounds:.

Noogie's greatest fear is Sister Agnes. Click and study Sister Agnes' facial expression on the attached picture.

He breaks. He doesn't know where the tongue of the manatee is. Take the flopping fish behind Guybrush. Select the ARRR! Remember what Sister Agnes looks like and select the correct eyebrow, eyes and mouth expressions.

Select: stinky, crosseyed and geezer. Noogie breaks. He doesn't break. Murray snaps at Guybrush's fingers when he threatens to throw him overboard.

Talk to Morgan. She gives her insight about the female manatee. Talk to her again and borrow her sword. Use the sword on Murray.

Murray goes back to the ocean. Moose breaks. Jimbo, the ichor funnel is the tongue of the manatee. It was left inside the manatee. Guybrush jumps to the ocean floor.

Approach the giant manatee at left. Remember what DeCava said about the manatee and seahorse. Use seahorse head on giant manatee. Guybrush is swallowed.

See the ichor funnel-Jumbo jimbo on the pool of bile. The level of the pool is low to get the funnel. Use Noogie's bongos. Wow, Guybrush is good! The level of the pool of bile rises but quickly lowers.

Use the flopping fish on the bongos. Use the weird bump to go to the pool of bile. Take the ichor funnel-jumbo jimbo- tongue of the manatee.

Use the Manatee lax on the pool of bile. Out you go. Talk to the giant male manatee :. Use the tongue of the manatee on the giant male manatee.

Select Courtesy, then May I help you dialogue. Guybrush will help get him a date. The 2 males swim to the cave. Convince the female manatee:. At the cave, the female leviathan-guardian asks questions.

Select the appropriate answers from the list. She moves forward towards the entrance for every correct response and back in for every wrong answer.

The travel edition has programmed dialogues:. Hello, I am very pleased to meet you. May I help you? I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Please repeat that. This is satisfactory. No, thank you. Getting Around:. Please call me a taxi. Where is the bus station? Do you have a map?

I'd like to visit the theater. I'd like to visit the aquarium. I'd like to visit the library. How much is it?

Do you accept traveler's cheques? Does that include tax? I have nothing to declare. This is for my personal medical use.

You really don't want me to remove my shoes. I would like a room for three nights. The television does not work. Please connect me with room service.

The meal was excellent. No spicy food, please. I prefer it hot and spicy. I've lost my watch. I've been kidnapped. Stop, thief!

Where is the bathroom? Is that blood or ketchup? Do you know the Heimlich maneuver? Some conversations:. Would you like me to dye the ocean depths with your blood?

Select Courtesies; No, Thank you. Select Emergencies; Is that blood or ketchup? I'm not going to let some lummox buy my love with clever words.

Why should I give you the time of day? Select Emergencies; I've lost my watch. Let's say I let you keep your pathetic life and I take a swim with you, where will we go?

Select Getting around; I'd like to visit the aquarium. What do you take me for? Some sort of flotsam floozy? You're not nervous are you?

Select Emergencies; Where's the bathroom? What will you say when I rip off your head for my collection? Select Emergencies; Stop, thief!

I don't want anyone with a lot of baggage. Select Money and Customs; I have nothing to declare. All you males are imbeciles.

Why do I even bother? This mating ground is as dead as my victims. You males are a bunch of cold fish. Watch where you swim.

Nobody knows the way to my heart. Select Getting around; Do you have a map? You know what I'll say after I devour your bloody heart? You think you're clever, don't you.

You should know that I detest know it alls. Select Courtesy; I'm sorry, I don't understand. Eventually she will say: I think I might like that swim now.

Then let's go hot shot. Mama's been lonely. My she's big one! Take the teeny La Esponja Pequeno. Guybrush is cured. Guybrush swims to the ship.

DeCava hears Guybrush's intentions. Escape the cages:. DeCava and his crew got Morgan and Guybrush in cages. They sail away on The Howling Monkey.

Give Morgan her sword. Click on the rope above Guybrush's cage. The cage lowers when he jumps back in. Talk to Morgan about reaching the rope holding Guybrush's cage.

Down he goes. Fight DeCava:. Guybrush picks up the La Esponja Grande. DeCava fires at the Narwhal hitting the rubber mast. The cannon ball bounces back and destroys DeCava's cannon.

Immediately, use the seahorse head on the cannon. Use the cannon and fire the seahorse head. It lands on the water close to The Howling Monkey. Watch what happens.

Are they holding hands? October Morgan rows back prisoner Guybrush Threepwood to Flotsam Island. Morgan is paid by Marquis De Singe.

Guybrush Threepwood is voodoo-summoned to his trial brought by a group of pirates. Guybrush is charged:.

Judge Wallace P. Grindstump calls the prosecutor Stan. Back in the store? It looks like this is back on sale.

Hope it's not a glitch. View screenshots. Dick Rambo. View artwork. View all guides. View videos. Xpadder configuration. Taming the winds Tales of Monkey Island chapter 1 ep Game Walk.

Still no update? Why cant we get the update for Earl boens re recording for episode 1s lechuxk? I mean it's out there. Swan Ronson. Xbox achievements.

Is it that difficult to integrate xbox achievements into steam games? There are so many that lack them on steam but have them on xbox including this title

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